I was shopping at Albertsons, the new fancy one on Broadway, just the other night. It seems like no matter when I go--there's always something new in that place that catches my eye!  Of course, this trip was no different.

I turned the corner while shopping and saw this big picture of Post Malone, like you can see above. What is Post Malone doing in the local Albertsons? Slanging Rose, apparently.

Post Malone is a fan favorite rapper/rockstar and little did I know you could buy a taste of that crazy Post Malone lifestyle right here in the Treasure Valley. I didn't even know he had an alcohol line!?

Maison No. 9, as it's called, is Post Malone's personally crafted Rose-- per the website, Post Malone says that's what you drink when you're being FANCY! Maybe it's time to treat yourself!

Learn more about the brand, HERE. Otherwise--head to Albertsons and grab yourself a bottle--then let me know how it is. I'm dying to know what you think!

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