It seems like like the Boise Centre and Grove Plaza have been under construction forever.  Will it be done in time for the popular summer party to move back to it's original home?

According to the Idaho Statesman, the overhaul of the Grove Plaza and Boise Centre should be wrapped up enough to hold the first scheduled Alive After Five party on June 7th at it's original location.

Renovations on the Grove Plaza began in 2016 and the community will love the final product. The plans include replacing the current fountain with a new, more interactive fountain with more programming and lighting features. The former picnic tables have come out and will be upgraded to moveable tables, chairs and umbrellas. They've also been working on re-engraving/replacing personalized bricks on the walkways as well as adding new bricks.  A final part of the renovation plans include putting in free Wi-Fi access for the public to enjoy.

The Boise Centre bordering the plaza has seen upgrades of it's own.  "Boise Centre East" opened in September and has helped bring more conventions/local events in to Downtown Boise. Crews are currently wrapping up the construction of a concourse that will connect the original Boise Centre with that new building. There will still be a little bit of construction going on as they add a 4,000 square foot junior ballroom to the project.

With all these projects currently on schedule, there should be plenty of time to prep the new Grove Plaza for Alive After Five which kicks off shortly after Memorial Day.  Last year, the street party moved down the street to the Basque Block.

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