Each and every year, the State of Idaho allows access into statewide crime statistics.  The report, released by Idaho State Police, breaks everything down. From the types of crime to the county that said crimes were taking place in. The report compares the difference in crime rate--be it up or down--from the year prior and as expected, 2020 was "interesting" to say the least.

On the surface, one will see that overall, crime rates in the State of Idaho were down ever so slightly. But there's more to the picture than just a small decrease during a year in which not a whole lot was going on.

For whatever reason, VIOLENT crimes were up--statewide.

Compared to 2019, violent crimes were up about 8% and when it came to hate crimes, the increase there was 42% from 2019. What's up with this, Idaho?

What about the breakdown when it comes to the Treasure Valley? The two largest counties in the valley are Ada and Canyon--which make up the majority of the area that we're lucky enough to call home.  We took a look...

In Ada County...

  • Prostitution was up by the largest margin--144% from the year 2019.  Could quarantine have impacted the way people were being "romantic" or is this a trend we will continue to see as the area grows?
  • Extortion was up 110%--this of course is obtaining something like money via threats. Um, what?
  • Homicide was thankfully--DOWN by 52% from 11 cases to 6.


In Canyon County... 

  • Animal Cruelty saw a 700% INCREASE--many believe that folks forced to stay home were anxious with their animals which is extremely sad.
  • Homicide was up 400% in Canyon County which is one of the last statistics we like to see....
  • Prostitution unlike the figures coming out of Ada County, was DOWN--by 100%


Crime wasn't the only thing impacted by COVID-19 during 2020, take a look below to see some really creepy photos of the empty downtown Boise streets during the pandemic.


20 chilling photos of the empty streets in downtown boise during the 2020 Pandemic

This is what Downtown Boise looked like during the first month of the pandemic back in 2019. A friend of mine took these photos with his son as the streets were empty and locked down to Idaho. This is a dark and quiet time that we'll never forget.


See the full crime report for yourself, HERE.

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