The footprint of the Basque Community here in the Treasure Valley is huge and the culture really helps (and has helped over the decades) build just who we are here in Boise. If you've never made your way through downtown Boise's Basque block or enjoyed some of the drinks and cuisine they have to offer-- you're REALLY missing out and you should add it to your list of things to do once life is "open" again.

If you have lived in the Treasure Valley for long, you know that every five years, the Basque community celebrates "Jaialdi"-- an event that brings in over 30,000 visitors from all around the globe. Because of obvious concerns around COVID-19, the event has now been canceled for this summer.

The great news is, it WILL be held next summer and the new dates are July 27th-August 1st of 2021.

Learn more, HERE.

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