Usually when we hear claims about a UFO sighting, it's just that. A claim.

This Idaho YouTuber actually has footage of what he says is an alien spacecraft.

Anthony Moffett posted this video to YouTube late last week, and he's captured on his phone a truly suspicious object flying high above Idaho. Before you write this off and say "Meh, it's just a cloud" take a second look. Moffett has over ten minutes of footage of the object, and something seems a little bit off about it.

Spotting a UFO in Idaho, while relatively rare, does happen more often than you'd think. The National UFO Reporting Center has a whole list of UFO sightings that have happened in Idaho, and the number is in the hundreds.

The most recent sighting we've reported on happened just two months ago near Horseshoe Bend. You can read more about that sighting here.

Does this mean aliens are visiting Earth in their free time? Not necessarily. Plenty of conspiracy theorists say that the government is behind many UFO sightings. As in, the spacecrafts are man-made. Which makes sense I suppose, but how would they keep something that big and that eye-catching a secret? Something to think about.

Also, aliens don't exist, right? I mean, of all the billions of planets out there, how could another life form actually make it to Earth? Maybe we should turn to Zayn Malik. Seriously. He says that aliens made him quit One Direction.


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