UFOs are a controversial subject for a lot of people. Some people don't believe in them, some do, but one thing is evident -- they're around. Maybe they're not necessarily extraterrestrials either, it could be an "unidentified weather balloon" or maybe a military exercise. Whatever the case, there has been some weird stuff to go down in the skies of Idaho.

We dug into the archives of the National UFO Reporting Center and found eleven of the spookiest UFO encounters to have taken place recently in Idaho. Have you had any encounters like these?

These 11 UFO Sightings in Idaho Are Proof We're Not Alone

We dug into the archives of the National UFO Reporting Center and found some of the most terrifying and convincing UFO encounters from Idaho.

UFO Sightings in Idaho

Idaho it turns out is one of the hottest spots in the U.S. for UFO sightings per capita. Let's take a dive into some of the most interesting sightings from the Gem State so far.

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