Unscramble and answer this question to get the VIP Treatment at Roaring Springs in one of their amazing Cabanas for 8. Let's splashdown if you think your skills are 💯

Credit: Roarings Springs
Credit: Roarings Springs

It's time to go splash at the top 8th ranked water park in the U.S. - Roaring Springs! That's pretty awesome to know that out of all the other water parks in the country that ours is one of the best 💦.

Let's get right to it. We have a free Cabana for you and 7 of your closest friends to hang out VIP at Roaring Springs for the day. That prize includes 8 roarings springs passes to get you into the water park and one Cabana VIP for all of you. The contest is challenging and I hope you're up to it. Good luck.

I've voiced a:30 clip below for you to unscramble. Once you've figured out how to do that, answer the question, and the Roaring Springs VIP Experience is yours!

Thanks to our sponsors from the new Stinker and Dairy Queen that is opening up on Saturday, August 19 on the corner of Meridian Rd and McMillan across from Heritage Middle School. The entire 103.5 Kissfm Squad will be live with FREE ice cream cones all day. More on that next week🍦🍦

Have you figured out the answers?? Fill them in below and in the case we have multiple people that guess it right, we'll select the first person to have submitted their entry. Good luck 💦💋

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