Someone out there has time to research the strangest things. But then again, it takes all kinds, right? Apparently there's not an "official" MOST HATED FOOD in our state. Yeah, it's random.

In the process of learning what our state's "most hated" food is, I learned the results have come from a dating app that's all about...HATE. That's right-- hate something? This dating app could be for you.  The app, named 'Hater', isn't about hating the person you're going on a date with--but matching you with people that hate the same things as you.

I have never heard of this app--and that's coming from a single guy that uses the popular apps to meet I have no idea HOW much data the app even has. However, sourced from the app, as the "survey" states "data provided by Hatr relative to the rest of the world", each state has ONE food hated more than anything else.

Any guesses which is Idaho's? No, it's not brussel sprouts or olives like I was hoping for...

It's actually Dim Sum-- a Chinese food.

Asian cuisine is actually one of my very favorites and while I'm not usually the first to order Dim Sum, I was shocked to see of all things, THIS was it. Did we just look right over Kale?

Check out the full map of hated foods, HERE.

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