It's a real conversation that I had with a real person right here in the Treasure Valley. Yesterday, after asking on air and online for your suggestions on places that people who need work can find it, it was brought to my attention that apparently there's a whole different way that some are coping.

Holly (I agreed to change her name), is a resident right here in Boise, living with her boyfriend of about two years. She was recently furloughed at work, meaning she's out of pay--but will have a job once the stay at home order has been lifted. Until then, paying her half of rent is essentially impossible. Her boyfriend isn't paying her half for her, so she made an account at, met a sugar daddy who wants nothing more than someone to talk to, and he's down to cover rent for the both of them.

Now, Holly's boyfriend is mad.

What say you? Check out my full call with her below.



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Should a sugar daddy be the answer to your quarantine woes?

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