My favorite night of the week is different than most, because my fave? Monday. I'd say Friday or Saturday night so that I don't have to wake up at 3:30a the next morning, but it's because of Bachelor Monday. And last night did not lack drama.

This week on The Bachelor, Peter started things off by completely changing his mind yet again. After deciding to ask Alayah back into the house, he decided that he didn't want her to stay after all. The women were relieved, but little did they know more drama was waiting for them in Costa Rica.

Peter revealed that he had a run-in with a golf cart that caused him 22 stitches. Kelsey began to cry when Sydney and Peter were out on their one-on-one date, telling Tammy, "I like Sydney a lot. I think she’s cool. But she’s a dramatic f**kin’ b**ch.” Tammy said in her camera interview that "Kelsey is a hot mess. She’s been crying for weeks. She cried over the champagne bottle for four days. When my grandpa died I don’t think I cried for that long."

The group date this week was a Cosmopolitan fashion shoot; Victoria F. won the chance to appear on the cover of the magazine with Peter. But Cosmo released a statement after saying they wouldn't honor the cover shoot after it came out that Victoria had once supported a 'White Lives Matter' campaign. Yikes.

Later, Kelsey revealed to Peter that she was falling in love with him, and Tammy kept talking to the other girls about how "crazy" Kelsey was. She even told Peter that Kelsey had a "mental breakdown." However, it all backfired on Tammy before the final rose ceremony when Sydney called Tammy a psycho and the other girls gave her disapproving looks.

None of the people involved in the drama were sent home, so it looks like there's much more drama to come! Cannot wait for next Monday night!

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