All I want to do, on cold days like the ones we've been having, is to snuggle up indoors and never leave the house. In doing so, I've missed out on some great (cozy) places. It's time to nuzzle up in front of an outdoor fire. 

Let's go to dinner tonight and sit at one of the several outdoor fireplaces. It's so Hallmark Movie of us, isn't it?

  • Cottonwood Grille with the stone fireplace in the main dining area
  • Elmer's Restaurant - the fireplace is at the back of my favorite Saturday Morning breakfast spot
  • The Matador on 8th where you can sit around the fireplace and eat
  • Papa Joe's in the cozy section of the restaurant
  • Highlands Hollow Brew House (don't forget to order the fries)


The Idaho Statesman listed both indoor and outdoor locations. We should just do a Treasure Valley tour of fireplaces.

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