Once again, a national figure has a problem with the state of Idaho. We've often wondered why so many famous and infamous people move to the Gem State only to take to social media to bash it? The latest culprit is Ben Dreyfuss, who has moved to Sun Valley from New York City, reports the Idaho Press. 

It all began with a Tweet from Dreyfuss complaining about Amazon Prime not guaranteeing a two day delivery to his Sun Valley home.  Warning offensive language below:


As we all know, Idaho is a big state and susceptible to criticism. Idahoans from a large variety of professions chose to engage with Mr. Dreyfuss. Some of their responses were very funny, others vulgar, and some even well-intentioned. Let's take a look at a few of those replies:

The Twitter incident highlights how much folks in Idaho love their state.  As of today, Dreyfuss has gone back to reviewing television and streaming shows.

Let's hope he saves his criticism for the entertainment industry and leaves the hardworking folks of the Gem State alone.

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