When I lived in Spokane, Washington-- Ben & Jerry's became a real vice of mine. Having the ice cream shop in downtown--a quick walk from summer classes on campus or work at my former radio station--was extremely dangerous. That's saying something, coming from a guy that really doesn't like ice cream all that much.

I haven't had Ben & Jerry's in some time-- well over four years to be exact, however I have found a few ice cream vices that I like to visit here in the Treasure Valley when the temperatures call for it. You'll want to take a peak at my list because after ten years of scooping ice cream in downtown Boise, Ben & Jerry's is now closed. While the news of the closing franchise is sad, the good news is that there are plenty of LOCAL spots right here in t

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    The STIL

    The STIL, or The "sweetest things in life" is a GREAT little spot that isn't so little anymore in BoDo. Locally owned and operated, The STIL seems to always have a line out the door and serves all locally made ice creams including alcohol infused and vegan options.

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    There's just something about the charm of our own North End here in Boise--Goody's is a huge part of that and their ice cream treats are ALWAYS worthy of your time.

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    NAMPA! You have a real gem on your hands when it comes to Stella's locally made and scooped ice cream! With a huge variety of flavors and even a mobile unit that I've seen out at various events, like Music On The Water last summer!

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    BONUS: Fanci Freeze

    A staple of our city, Fanci Freeze and their milkshakes or ice cream options is ALWAYS  home run.

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