I've got a buddy coming up to Idaho from my home state of Texas in a few weeks and like most visitors or newcomers, the first thing he asked was: "What should I try first?"

The answer? Fry sauce.

Before coming to Idaho, I had no idea such a treasure existed and I definitely did not know how huge fry sauce is here in the Treasure Valley. There are many stories about where fry stories come from but according to AtlasObscura.com, fry sauce was invented by none other than Arctic Circle founder, Don Carlos Edwards.

Sure, it's essentially a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise but to the people of the Treasure Valley - it's much more than that.

Fry sauce can literally go with anything despite what the name suggests. Can you throw it on your burger? Go for it. Can you dip your finger steaks into it? Absolutely. There are no words to describe not only how versatile fry sauce is but how delicious it is... depending on where you get it.

According to Yelp, Boise ranks 8th in terms of "Best Foodie Cities", so if anyone knows good fry sauce, it's the people of Boise.

We took to Facebook and polled you, the people, the experts of all things food - on where to find the best fry sauce in the Treasure Valley. Not surprisingly, the fry sauce OGs in Arctic Circle got plenty of votes but are they the best in all of the Treasure Valley? Let's take a look at the best fry sauce in the Treasure Valley as voted by you.

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