Back by popular demand are the very best Missed Connections of the Treasure Valley!  As you should know by now, every single week I scour the internet for the top missed connections. If you're unfamiliar, these missed connections come to be when people right here in the city regret not saying something to someone that caught their eye.

In a world where everything is dominated by a pandemic and meeting people isn't as easy as it used to be, the only thing standing between you and the love of your life could very well be THIS post!

As always, be safe if you choose to actually reply to one of these...


Your Nails Meridian

I guarantee you won't see this, but you came in to my store the other night and I asked you about your nails, and where you got them done. You're gorgeous as hell and I wish I could take you out some time. If the off chance you actually do see this, email me why I asked about your nails.

You Work at Amazon...

You are so hot, you have tattoos and gauges..I work construction there but I see you all the time and wonder how I can approach you without seeming thirsty..I talked to you for the first time today but my dumbass didn't get your name

Albertson's 6:00 a.m. Encounter

You were in line behind me. I was talking to the cashier about work and how happy I was that it was 6 am lol. I checked out got something from a machine by the door and came back to say bye to the cashier as you were checking out. I'm kicking myself for not chatting you up as we made our way to the parking lot.... If you were this gentleman behind me the chatty female lol message me with some info about what I said or purchased etc.. Would like to meet you.... You left in a white car the opposite direction of me....

Stormy in Caldwell

Oh my god I just met you tonight well kinda met you you wasn’t our server but you did seat us and you was so beautiful and fun to talk with. Thank you for your angel like attitude and looking forward to visiting and seeing more of you

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