There is absolutely no shame in this game – we’ve all been there.

The bars are closing down, it’s laaaaate at night and we are freaking starving. 

*Alcohol and dancing our little booties off in the clubs tends to have that effect.



But where should we go to get some food? What’s even open?

Well, don’t you even worry. We’ve got you, boo.

Listed below are the 10 best places in the Boise area to get your late night munchies. 

And we can personally attest: if you’re hungry enough to be going to one of these places at two in the morning, they are going to be absolute fire


However, we do need to make one honorable mention first:

Solid Grill & Bar didn’t make this list because they technically close at the same time as the bars – 2:00 am on the weekends.

But if you’re wanting some late night food before the bars close, and you don’t want fast food options, this restaurant is the place to go.


Alright! Now onto the list.

Drink up, be safe, and enjoy some of these delicious late night options!

You can thank us later.

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