You've heard the name of this season time and time again--or, maybe you haven't. It's time to read up, prepare, and go into this Fall knowing that a different season--a greater issue--is about to present itself.

Cuffing Season.

What is the dreadfully cuddly and cringe-worthy time of you, you may be asking? Well, it's when everything just feels a little too perfect.  You met someone, they're great, and now you're considering a relationship. Here's the thing: at this time of year, you have to be really careful before you go jumping into any relationship!

Summer has come to a close and NOBODY wants to date in the summer, right? Duh. Summer is full of activities, going out, doing you-- it was a 'Hot Girl Summer', am I right? Just because it's over doesn't mean you NEED to hop into a relationship. The catch is simply this: Fall is just a season that seems to invoke some sort of emotion. It's this whole "it's cold, give me your hoodie, let's cuddle and go to a pumpkin patch" vibe. News flash, though: this doesn't last! Cuffing Season fires up right about this time every year and then begins to come crashing down after the new year once everyone begins thinking about summer bods and single travels.

Jumping into a relationship right now? You had better make sure it's not just because of Cuffing Season. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of this "disorder", HERE.

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