Do you have a Resting B**ch Face? Well, then we have some bad news for you.


Idaho has a lot of wacky laws, but this one really does make you say “huh”? But, before we get into the smiling law, let’s take a look at some other really random laws that have been passed and/or are still in play.


Drum Roll Please…


TRUE OR FALSE: Can You Guess Which Idaho Laws Are Real?

Let's see how well you do at guessing which of these silly laws are true and which are false.


Oh, and if you like fishing, better be aware of this one!


Bizzare Idaho Law Restricts You From Fishing This Way


And if there’s gonna be some PDA going on, make sure you set a timer. Here’s why:


Is PDA illegal in Idaho? Let's Find Out


But, back to the smiling law. Let’s jump right in!


Beware: Not Smiling in this Idaho City is Illegal


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Idaho Housing Bill Criticized as “Legalized Robbery”


Homeless Idahoans Refuse to be Ignored as They Protest on the Capitol's Lawn

Homeless Idahoans set up tents outside of the State Capitol building to demand respect and bring awareness to their plight.

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