He was just trying to make his girlfriend's day a little better. After she gets home from her job at UPS, Kacie Nilson had some Idaho Lottery scratchies to go through. Luckily, her boyfriend had just that waiting for her.

Like numerous times before, Kacie scratched off each ticket. Only this time wasn't like her previous scratching adventures. She won!

Off of one ticket, Kacie scratched a winner worth $50,000. After finding out they won, the couple drove directly to Boise to claim their humungous prize. Kacie's boyfriend chimed in via a Facebook post from the Idaho Lottery:

After finding out that she was a big winner, her boyfriend joked that he should’ve kept the tickets and played them himself!

All jokes aside, Kacie is going to use the money to buy a new car, as her current vehicle isn't at all reliable, she says.

Should she give some to her bf? Is he the rightful heir to the cash? Let us know what you think!

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