There are a lot of high-tech jobs in California, especially the Silicon Valley area. With so many people relocating from California to Boise in the past few years, is Idaho's capitol city about to become the go-to destination for those wanting to work in tech?

Is Boise About To Become The Next Silicon Valley? Keep Scrolling

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So, are there even enough technology jobs in the Boise area to consider the "Next Silicon Valley?" According to, there are currently over 500 unfilled tech jobs in the Boise area waiting for someone qualified to fill in the position.

While we don't believe that 500 jobs qualifies an entire name change for Boise's moniker, it is hard to deny the fact that Boise is continuing to evolve into a melting-pot of different people from different places. There are more young, highly-educated people moving here every single year, and just like you and I, there're looking for the best way forward with their career.

What's your take? Do you feel like Boise is changing, or evolving, into a high-tech destination outside of California? Are we going to see more companies migrate to Boise in search of highly-skilled technology workers?

Let us know your thoughts.

Now, not all technology is a good thing. Currently, there's a pretty dirty TikTok scam spreading, and we're hearing that plenty of folks in Boise have already fallen for it. If you're not up on what's going on, allow us to fill you in so you don't fall victim as well:

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Have you seen this online? It appears that it will only be a matter of time before there's a legit business model here in the state.

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