In a turn of events for the Joe Biden campaign, Idaho is another victory that he will be celebrating tonight as national media outlets declare him as the winner in today's Democratic Primary.

On the Republican side, nobody is shocked to see Donald Trump handedly won as the incumbent.

We're reaching the height of political season here in the United States and assuming you were in Idaho today, you may have heard about national politics a little more than normal, as thousands of Idahoan's flocked to their polling locations to vote in the primaries for their respective political parties.

On the democratic side, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders lead the pack as it has quickly narrowed down to a two-man race. Tonights results differ from 2016, however, as in 2016 Bernie Sanders won Idaho with authority. That year, Idaho held a caucus in which votes totaled around 23,000.  This year, it was a primary and a total of over 90,000 Idahoans voted for democrats alone--Joe Biden the declared winner with 97% of votes tallied just before midnight.

As for the Republicans, realistically, Donald Trump is the only candidate. Although five other individuals are on the Republican ballot, over 100,000 Idahoan's voted for Donald Trump anyway. The second place candidate raked up only 2,000 votes. We should note that in 2016, Trump actually lost in Idaho, who favored then-candidate and currently self-quarantined, Ted Cruz.


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