What's up with these Bears in Boise and why are they just showing up in our neighborhoods? I suppose they were here, first...but we just want these adorable creatures to be safe! Is that too much to ask!?

How does that old saying go? Lions, Tigers, and Bears--oh my! Well, here in the Treasure Valley we've got enough big, wild cats to really live up to that saying. Although, over the last 12-months, the story has really been: Pandemics, earthquakes, and bears--oh my!

Yes, over the last year we've been in a pandemic, lived through one of the largest earthquakes to be felt in the Treasure Valley for years, and more bear "invasions" that I can recall, ever before.

According to an Idaho 2 News report, just this morning authorities had to euthanize a black bear in Boise's north end because after trying to sedate the bar, it began to run wild towards Hill Road.

In the past week, there have been a total of TWO bears being euthanized. The other was a male black bear in Southeast Boise.

In an interview with Idaho 2 News, a representative of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game said that because it has been such a dry year, the bears may be looking further than normal for water and food before they go into hibernation.

So what do you do if you see a bear around town and don't feel safe? Make sure to give them space and don't surprise them if you can help it--they will likely run when they see or hear a human nearby.  They also say to identify yourself to the bear so that they know you're a human and not prey--nothing like a nice introduction to the neighborhood bear, am I right? Staying calm and picking up small children is also recommended.

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