A highly anticipated meeting was held this morning among Ada County Commissioners as the next vacant seat on the Board of Health is needing filled.  Nominated by two of the three commissioners was career politician Raul Labrador-- the third commissioner felt that she needed more time to vote on that decision and wanted a more well-rounded approach to brining someone to the table for consideration.

Over the past week, the medical world here in Idaho loudly endorsed Dr. Sky Blue who expressed interest in joining the Board of Health and filling that vacant seat. The same one that Raul Labrador is interested in.  Dr. Sky Blue is the State of Idaho's leading expert on infectious disease and epidemiology-- a seemingly perfect fit for any Board of Health that, according to their mission statement, works to "promote and protect heath in our communities".

This mornings meeting involved a statement and some short questions for Dr. Sky Blue.

According to Commissioners Beck and Davidson, both newly elected, having TWO doctors or medical professionals on a Board of Health could be problematic and Raul Labrador's experience as a politician makes him relate more to the average person and traveling to various counties outside of Ada. Commissioner Kenyon did NOT vote to support Raul Labrador.

So what's next? The public remains very vocal about this open position that, according to Commissioner Rod Beck is really just restaurant and septic tank inspections.  Other county commissioners and board members still have to vote and 7 out of 12 votes are needed to pass along Raul Labrador as the next member of Central District Health's Board of Health.

How do you feel about the two "candidates" that have thrown their hats into the ring? Do you think that having two doctors on a Board of Health could be problematic?


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