Bob Kustra is at it again. The self-proclaimed Republican has unleashed his latest column in the Idaho Statesman ripping Congressman Raul Labrador's campaign for attorney general. This is the same 'Republican who urged state Democrats to register as Republicans to vote in the Idaho Republican primary on May 17th. Let's not forget Doctor Kustra's article remembering the great Rush Limbaugh. 

Kustra's tribute to the death of the great conservative involved writing that Limbaugh poisoned political debate in America. Please alert the presidencies of George Bushes, Donald Trump, and the Republican Congressional takeover of 1994. Rush Limbaugh was responsible for the growth of the Republican Party. Not according to Doctor Kustra, who wrote:

"Limbaugh served as a galvanizing force for white supremacists, misogynists, and those who harbor racist views. Limbaugh gave them license to air their prejudices and biases which stirred their misguided passions to a boil. Before long, Rush's followers took to the streets and disrupted the orderly conduct of state and local government."

Doctor Kustra is entitled to his opinion, and it certainly is a provocative one. However, I've listened to Rush from day one, and I cannot recall anything accurate in Kustra's writings. I'm trying to remember when people fled the 'Rush Rooms' to take to the streets? The only folks I recall taking to the roads are Antifa and the hoodlums who burned down several of our cities. 

I don't recall Republican Bob Kustra writing a scathing opinion piece condemning the criminals who burned down those cities? I guess recruiting Democrats to spoil a Republican Party is more important than holding people accountable. Perhaps, we should listen to what Doctor Kustra is suggesting? If Kustra doesn't approve of Labrador, then maybe we should consider that an endorsement that Raul Labrador is the right choice?  

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