We don't need a reminder that it's hot out...but sometimes, especially with everything going on in the world, we need a reminder to...REMEMBER! I had one of those weekends where my mind was all over the place and the sun wasn't helping things after a long day outside. It's human, it's ok--and the Boise Police Department came to the rescue recently in that regard.

Just released, Boise Police shared body cam footage from a 99 degree day in June. According to their post on Facebook, a parent had switched up vehicles, grabbed all of the wrong things, and accidentally locked their baby inside the car on that hot, June day.

The video shows Boise Police getting to the scene, breaking a window away from the child and getting in there to save it. Car heat is no joke and neither is the risk that comes with it for children, pets, and the elderly.

Check out the video for yourself, below. Here's to seeing a good headline for once.


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