If you've had the same types of experiences at the Boise Airport as I have, you may be surprised to hear that BOI has added an additional lane at security. The Boise airport is continually the shortest wait of any airport I go to. Showing up to the port around 30 minutes before takeoff is no issue for me at Boise. But, I typically travel in the afternoons so I'm not there at peak time.

According to KTVB, Boise airport traffic has increased by about fifty percent in the last five years, and lines peak in the mornings between 4a and 8a. I like a Friday afternoon flight after the show, so I've never experienced these long waits. For the people who have, that extra lane at security could really help you out. There are now six lanes, with the sixth being open during those peak hours.

Noted, I'll know to show up maybe 45 minutes before my flight if I'm there in the early hours ever.

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