Is there anything worse than parking downtown and finding a ticket on your windshield once your get back to the car?

Yes. The answer is yes. Try having your car TOWED. An announcement made by the City of Boise today concerning parking downtown kicks into gear this weekend and you're going to want to take note.

About a year ago, the City of Boise began making the spots along Idaho Street between Capitol and 8th (think Old Chicago) banned from parking on weekend nights. These spots were for Taxi parking only. I can't tell you how many nights I would be downtown watching lines of police cars with tow trucks, towing EVERYONE off of that street. Talk about a bad end to a night. A similar situation is coming to Bannock Street.

If you plan on or see parking on Bannock Street--between 8th Street and Capitol Boulevard--just don't park there. At least not between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. when the new zone becomes active. During these hours, this zone will be meant for pick up and drop off only-- parking there is going to get you a ticket or even worse, a tow!

We should note this is only a trial--the city wants to see how this works out. It begins this weekend, Friday, October 25th and runs through the end of November. If it works out well, the zone could be implemented permanently.

Happy parking this weekend, Boise!

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