We were driving through downtown Boise the other day, and we saw something on the side of an apartment complex that we thought was pretty ingenious.

In fact, we're not sure why every single apartment complex in Idaho isn’t already doing this exact same thing?



Particularly in this day and age, where the housing market is absolutely abysmal, more and more people are being forced to rent because they can’t afford to purchase a home.

Well, if we’re having to live in apartments anyways, why aren’t we making it the best experience that we possibly can?


So, what was on the side of these Boise apartments, you might be wondering?

A community garden for its residents. 

Photo by Steve Adams on Unsplash
Photo by Steve Adams on Unsplash


That’s right, a central area where neighbors can plant whatever they want, and grow/tend to their own flowers and produce. 


Why is this a good idea?

Honestly, we think this is brilliant! 

Not only would it make apartment complexes feel more home-like, but it would also build a sense of community, it’s ecologically friendly and it would help residents save money on groceries. 

Seriously, why isn’t this a normal thing these days?

This is something we could really get behind... or in other words, we totally "dig" it.

(See what we did there?)


Idaho needs to step up its game, because these are extremely hard times we're living in, and every little bit absolutely helps.

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