I have spent the past several months searching for the perfect apartment complex for my family and me. It's challenging to find the right place because there are so many things to consider. First, we didn't know exactly what part of town that we wanted to be in. Did we want to be in Boise or Meridian? Do we want something new, or would we try to save some money and be in a place that is a little older? Is the neighborhood that the building is in safe enough for the kids to walk around in? For my wife, there needed to be some sort of water view. For me, I wanted to make sure that getting to work each day was reasonably convenient.

The search took much longer than I had anticipated. One of the significant hold-ups was that because my family isn't moving until March 1st, most complexes don't know about their availability until February 1st. The unknown and limbo isn't really something that anyone likes, especially my wife, so finding a place that we could count on as soon as possible was a priority.

As you visit apartment communities around the Treasure Valley, you start to understand how competitive the market has become. Each complex is doing whatever it can to attract renters to their property over the one next door. Amenities are where it's at. Most complexes offer gyms and resort-style pools. Hot tubs, bicycle fix-it shops, and pet spas are becoming more and more popular. Outside the box amenities across the Treasure Valley separate many properties from the rest of the pack. For example, I went to one complex that takes care of your internet and cable as part of your rent. Another one will pick up your trash everyday at 8pm and take it to the dumpster for you. I found three that have their own beach. Others have guest apartments for when you have out of town visitors. You want them to stay on the property but not necessarily in your apartment. The one that we finally settled on has kombucha on tap in the clubhouse, and free protein shakes in the gym.

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