It's a contest you see online and assume you could never win--submit your artwork to be featured on a major brand's platform. True artists know that while odds of winning something this big may be one in a million, it's how you get your shine--that exposure that could pay dividends for years.

Here in the Treasure Valley, one Boise artist is experiencing arguably some of the best exposure of her career.

Ashley Dreyfus, a Boise artist and 23-year-old resident of the City of Trees, now has artwork being seen and touched--literally--by millions.

Pabst Blue Ribbon, months ago, held a nationwide contest challenging artists everywhere to submit artwork for a special can. It's an annual contest and in its nineth year, Dreyfus won--the grand champion out of more than 4,000 entries!

The news was announced much earlier this year but now, the product is being rolled out, which is exciting for Dreyfus and truthfully, the Treasure Valley. A grand total of 30 million cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon are going to be covered in this local art, titled "There's No Place Like Home". By the way, she is also going to receive a $10,000 check from Pabst Blue Ribbon as well.

Not only can you get the artwork in your hands via a can of PBR--you can see the art on display all over the Treasure Valley on various billboards. Just today we saw the artwork on Fairview Avenue. Also this afternoon, PBR themselves shared a photo of one of these boards that allegedly, was on's worth a laugh.

Which other of these local pieces of art do you think could make the big stage? 

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