I have a bike but I haven't been on one bike ride. Why? I'm intimidated by trying to find a place to ride. The greenbelt is a mess (or closed) so I didn't know where else to go other than on the street. A Treasure Valley bike map has been released for people like me. 

You can ride through Julia Davis Park and Ann Morrison Park if you're just starting out. I need to fill my tires and get outside before it's 101 degrees on Monday. Hey, if we can't set out a blanket on the 4th of July on the soggy grass at Ann Morrison Park, riding our bikes could replace that outdoor feeling.

On the map, you can choose your route based on the legend. Neighborhoods, roads with bike lanes, difficult paths and even where you can rent a Greenbike is all mapped out (pun intended) on the guide.

via ACHD
via ACHD

Check out the map and choose your favorite places. I'm not telling you what to do but what if your ride ended with beer and pizza? I know I wouldn't be mad about it.

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