It's not what we're used to, but it's something we need to be aware of: burglaries right here in the Treasure Valley.  No town is perfect, but Boise, we're pretty close.  One of the safest places in the country, Boise touts a community spirit unlike any I've ever witnessed and most of the time, that means that crime rates are low. You can leave your bike unlocked around town (though, that is never encouraged) and it will be just fine. A friend of mine once left his bike downtown for a week, unlocked, and there it was untouched and waiting for him a week later. We're lucky to live where we do.

There are always a few, however, that ruin it for everyone. Right now, Boise Police are trying to figure out who these people are and what's going on as the city has seen an increase burglaries, theft, and suspicious individuals in both North and West Boise.

According to authorities, screens have been pried off of windows, rocks have been through into homes, and they're currently looking for a common thread: two men wearing backpacks.

While Boise Police have beefed up patrols in these areas, it's important that no matter where you live in the Treasure Valley, you remember that doors need to be locked and you need to be aware of your surroundings. We're lucky to live where we do--but that doesn't mean that we can get too comfortable.

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