A local cat shelter right here in Boise is asking for your help in obtaining a $5,000 grant. All you have to do is jump online and give them a vote...RIGHT MEOW! See what I did there?

Simply Cats is Boise's cageless, no-kill, feline adoption center.  The local non-profit takes pride in working to find forever homes for cats--where euthanasia isn't an option.

Six years ago now, I made the decision to adopt my cat Piccolo and it was the greatest decision ever. I'm a huge fan of the work that Simply Cats does for felines in our area.

With a $5,000 grant on the line, Simply Cats is one of just 25 finalists and every vote counts.  The two cats that are the driving force are Birdie and Finch--the story behind these two is pretty great:

Birdie and Finch have been in the adoption center for over two months after being found on the roof of a tattoo parlor in Pocatello, Idaho. They were very shy when they first arrived at Simply Cats. They would growl and hiss if a human approached them. We enrolled them in clicker training and began to build their trust. Over the last few months they have improved by leaps and bounds. They have been trained to sit and gently tap for treats. They even allow us to pet them, and will sit in your lap. These sisters are looking for an owner who will continue to train them and give them the time and space they need to come out of their shells.

Voting is on NOW and you've got to hurry because it ends on April 14th. Vote daily to maximize the amount of votes for Simply Cats!  As I'm writing this, it appears that they're in the lead!

To vote, click HERE.

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