If there was one thing that always got me excited as a kid and odds are you feel the same, it was going to the pool! Here's a fun fact about me, I actually can't even swim. I mean, I can survive in a pool but this guy has NO swimming skills. Here's to hoping I'm never in a plane crash into the water?

Something about summer time, the sound of a pool, that smell of way too much chlorine and sunscreen just completes what summer is all about. That said, with good weather finally around the corner...I think... (come on Boise, enough of the rain) you can officially hit the pools with your kids and family to celebrate summer.

The City of Boise runs a total of 6 pools and as of this past Friday, they're all open and ready for you to dive on. Just no running. These pools include Borah Pool, Fairmont Pool, Ivywild Pool, Lowell Pool, South Pool, and the Natatorium on Warm Springs.

Admission costs range from $2 to $3.75 depending on your age so this is some really affordable fun for the family this summer. Season passes are also available through the City of Boise. Hours of operation vary from pool to pool so you can click HERE to learn more about your favorite.

The City of Boise also offers swimming lessons that are affordable. More on those, HERE.


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