A Boise food truck has made America's Top 100 according to MSN.

Food trucks are some of my favorite things in the whole world.  When I lived in Spokane, Washington and lived downtown, there was a rotation of food trucks that would set up shop around the corner during lunch for the many business buildings on Main street. Everything from Hawaiian food to Mac and Cheese, it seems like it always tastes better out of a truck.

Even here in Boise, I have found some of my favorite foods come from trucks. When I've got late night cravings (let's be honest, when I'm leaving the bars), the ample hot dog stands outside always hit the spot just right. Not to mention some of my favorite trucks that you can frequently find at events, such as Mad Mac and Pie Hole!

I haven't tried The Rusty Dog before, but now--I feel left out! MSN has ranked them in the Top 100 in the country! Their description (that you can see by clicking HERE) reads:

"No matter what age you are, you can never outgrow a good ol' corn dog. The Rusty Dog in Boise serves up hand-dipped corn dogs and fresh-cut fries that always get rave reviews"

To see more about The Rusty Dog, check out their Facebook page, HERE.


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