I imagine there might little bit of pressure, along with a certain level of confidence when driving around a food truck with "Worlds Best Corndogs" written on the front. It's quite the bold statement and something I would personally like to be the judge of. Here in the Treasure Valley, we'll soon start to see one of these trucks driving around and we'll have the chance to put these corndogs to the ultimate taste test as world's best!

World Best Corndogs is a new food truck that just announced it's expanding to the Boise area! Owners Russ and Denice opened World’s Best Corndogs on April 26th in 2013. Since then they have trucks driving around in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, as well as in Idaho Falls! In fact, World's Best Corndogs was voted as Utah's best food truck in 2020 - so it certainly lives it up to it's name at least there.

The World’s Best Footlong Corndog is the signature menu item of course and "begins with a quarter pound, 100% pure beef frank—packed, spiced, and pampered to juicy perfection." The food truck says their dogs are then hand-dipped into their freshly made buckets of World’s Best Original batter. Other menu items include the the Haflsize Corndog, the Brat, and the Cheesesticks.

According to a Facebook post, the World's Best Corndogs truck will have various locations throughout the Treasure Valley. There's been no exact date or locations posted yet but that announcement is expected to come in the next couple of weeks. You can follow World's Best Corndogs on Instagram and Facebook.

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