Not too long ago, it use to be that you could leave your cell phone or wallet in any un-locked locker at the gym with a relative sense of security. It's something I did many times at the Axiom gym off of Park Center. Sure, I knew in the back of my mind someone could steal it, but this is Boise after all. Well, as the city grows things change, crime rises and things become less safe. I would't leave my wallet in a unlocked locker today, but thanks to investigation at least one man who would have stolen my stuff has been caught.

Stephen J. Redlich, 29, was arrested Tuesday night. Police say he stole credit cards, purses and wallets from gyms, then used the victims' cards to make fraudulent purchases.

Since April, officers have investigated several dozen reports of thefts at Boise gyms. Investigators were able to identify Redlich as a suspect after he used stolen cards to purchase items at area businesses, police said.

It's good to know that this scumbag is off the streets. But I still wouldn't risk leaving my personal belongings in a unlocked locker.


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