It's no surprise that Boise in 1988 looked nothing like it does today, as pictured above. In fact I think all of us can remember pretty well when the Zions Bank building went up just a few years ago. But ALL of the changes since then are pretty crazy to think about.

I was digging through YouTube trying to find something tonight and a suggesting video simply titled "Boise Idaho Downtown Summer 1988" came up. Being a local myself, I had to check it out. I'm a self declared Boise-expert. I should recognize most of this!

Um, no. I sure don't. The video, which was shot before I was even born, shows a downtown Boise that is under construction and barely starting to grow. The man filming refers to President Ronald Reagan and an "I dig Boise" campaign that was going on-- a play on words for all of the digging going on to grow downtown. The whole thing is a trip.

Just this past Friday night I enjoyed some drinks with friends on a patio in the Basque Block at Bar Gernika-- that block wasn't even existent then. You can see the Wells Fargo Building being built and the land being flattened where the convention center was plotted to be built.

Do you recognize any of this? Check out the video below!! It's worth a watch.

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