I took a flight to Portland, Oregon this past Sunday for a quick visit with some good friends to see The Jonas Brothers. The concert was as amazing as you'd expect from some of the worlds most talented brothers and being out of town, even if just for 24 hours, is always a refreshing break and an easy reminder of things you love about home while you're away.

While traveling, I sat next to a talker on the plane and had several chatty Uber drivers. All of them asking "so where are you from" and then all of them responding... "IDAHO!?" Uh, yes, it's not THAT weird...I mean--we do live in the state right next to yours. But as I explained to everyone...this place just isn't a secret anymore. In fact, it was the Forbes findings that I kept quoting from about a year ago-- "fastest growing city in America", I would say.

A new study has found Boise isn't alone. Two other cities from the Treasure Valley made the cut and BOTH ranked higher than Boise.  This survey and its results were put together by WalletHub, a popular personal finance site, and the findings were fascinating.

Our own Meridian, Idaho ranked at #7 among fastest growing cities in America while Nampa came in at #46. Boise? That came in at #174.

Given this group put different methodology into their study than Forbes (you can see theirs, HERE), it's tough to compare the two results. However one thing is certain: we're growing, Treasure Valley.

See the full list from WalletHub, HERE.



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