Perhaps you've thought it before and just assumed you were exaggerating. Have you ever found yourself saying "oh my gosh--Boise drivers are AWFUL?" Well if you have, apparently a survey is saying the same thing and maybe you're not so crazy after all.

I'm a Boise native myself, so I get it-- we're used to getting around how we want, when we want. Think back, if you can, just ten years. How different was the traffic flow? How much smaller was out population? Our growth is no secret and with growth comes more business, more employees, more residents, and more traffic filled with people that need to get from point A to point B. We [locals] have been all too comfortable with our way of driving (and life) before the population increase.

Insurify, the company that is behind these survey results making Boise drivers among the worst, had a lot of data to sift through. In fact, over 1.6 million car insurance applications were used as just a piece of the research. Boise came in among the top of the list-- and while list-topping is nothing new for Boise, being at the top of this list means that we're actually some of the worst.

That's right, Treasure Valley-- we come in at #6 for cities with the worst drivers. YIKES. In fact, nearly 31% of drivers have a prior accident on our streets. Come on now!

Boise, I love ya...but let's all drive a little better, a lot safer, and get ourselves OFF of this list next year.

See the survey for yourself, HERE.

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