Growing up, going to the library with my mom was a regular, weekly thing that we did. In retrospect, I'm really glad we did. Being around books became a regular thing and contributed heavily to my love for reading and writing. As I got older and bought my first iPod Nano--I remember going to the library to find CD's to throw on my iPod. The library had EVERYTHING and if they didn't--you could order what you wanted from one of many other libraries throughout the Treasure Valley or the State.

It was, however, the big looming threat from mother dearest: "DON'T YOU GET ANY LATE FEES"! Yeah, every now and then it was easy to forget about "due dates" for a book you were completely captivated by. Soon, those fees won't even be a thing to worry about. That's right, both the Boise and Nampa library are following Meridian in ENDING late fees.

According to the Boise Public Library, late fee payments only come out to be about $100,000 annually and some fear that late fees may hinder folks from using the public resource. After Meridian made the change, they saw a GROWTH in library membership and usage--which to be honest, is probably unheard of in an internet and app age.

The changes in late fee policies take place on October 1st!

To learn more about getting yourself into a free Library Card, click HERE.

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