I've been living in Boise for the last 10 years and there's a reason I haven't left yet. It helps when you've lived in other cities so you at least have something to compare. I feel that's the same about a career field when making decisions on why to choose what or who you might work for. Boise is not just a great place to live because of the great outdoors, but the community is what keeps me grounded here.

I'm currently searching for a co-host to help build a new morning show on 103.5 Kissfm and this will be part of a blog series about the Treasure Valley. I'm doing this because I laughed at the prospect of moving to Idaho when I got the calll.

"...like Boise, IDAHO? Isn't that the potato state?" 

That was my immediate reaction and it wasn't until flew into Boise that my attitude quickly changed. Boise is clean, trendy, modern, outdoor attractive, sports infused, and view the prettiest sunsets in the country. We'll cover all that later but wanted to share another popular reason that Boise keeps making top 10 lists.


Top 10 Cities with the Best Work-Life Balance

I came across a list from Smartasset ranking cities that created the best work-life balance for the community. I'm no traveling expert on lifestyle around the country but I've lived in the biggest to smallest. Cities with the largest populations aren't always the best. I'm never realized that until I joined the United States Navy and traveled the country. I've lived in Seattle, Houston, Alaska, Spokane, Memphis, and Boise. I'd rank Boise in the #1 spot without a doubt! All of the big cities have large perks right and so do the small ones. I think you could argue each way, but facts are facts. Let's get to it.

Boise ranks #7 on the list that evaluates your work-life balance. I took an interview to move back to Seattle years ago and the travel time was completely different. You can add one hour to and from depending on where you live and more importantly, what TIME you leave. If you miss that window to get on I-5...make that 2 hours. Traffic in Houston is like that 24/7. Both of those cities are beautiful with tremendous lifestyle trends for everyone. You just have to decide if it balances in your life. Do you wanna spend 15 hours per week driving to work or 3 hours?

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv at the City of Rocks

Idaho's capital is unbelievably low on unemployment with a rate of 3.5% with a labor force participation of 81.4%. I guess it's not TOO crazy considering a new building is popping up every few months and the skyline is constantly changing.

Commute times are kind of a joke around here averaging around 18 minutes. This is where the balance comes in. You shouldn't be spending all your mornings and afternoons getting to work. You ever heard the saying, "Work to live, don't live to work."

We work on Parkcenter Boulevard and that's 5 minutes from hiking Table Rock. The mountain is 20 minutes if you're looking for powder to dust off those snowboards. Jump on the Greenbelt and run parallel to the river or plunge in your tube for a float. Drive out to Nampa and taste some of the best wines with the most beautiful vineyards like Ste Chapelle. Are you into college football because we like to smurf it up in Boise home to the Boise State Broncos. Witness the only blue turf in college football! Looking for some great craft beer? Look no further 🍺

I could go on but here's a quick snapshot into why Boise ranks #7 with Best Work-Life Balance.

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