Spend any time thinking back to what gets Boise or the State of Idaho on the news and often, it's the most random things. Idahoans have gone viral for things like riding longboards along the freeway while singing Fleetwood Mac, for example.  Or of course, in the last 24-hours, long-time Boise news anchor Mark Johnson went viral simply for being...Mark Johnson. There's never a rhyme or reason as to why these things take off when they do.

This Boise man, however, is starting to pop up all over the internet for a prank that he had a camera ready for.

I came across this video just a few days ago and believe it or not, I thought that it was real. It shows a woman walking up the familiar path to Table Rock when a snake LUNGES towards her and chases her. I totally lost the video and was upset because I had looked forward to sharing that here on our website.

Little did I know, it was resurface on Twitter (with nearly 1 million views at this point) as a well-done prank.

The video shows, if you watch closely, a local man (who according to Maggie O'Mara is a Meridian man named Gregory Sumsion) drop some sort of snake behind a woman walking. The rest, you have to watch for yourself in the video above.

I absolutely HATE snakes so when I saw this the first time I thought to myself OH HELL NO!

Of course, the internet already has plenty to say...

Especially, Beverly...

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