They work tirelessly to keep us safe and sometimes, they annoy us with a speeding ticket or a traffic stop.

They're our police force here in Boise and they often times work thankless jobs behind the scenes of society, dealing with things on the streets and in our neighborhoods so that we don't have to.

Recently, released bodycam footage gave an inside look into some of the great work our officers do more often than we would think. Originally released by KTVB, Idaho's News Channel 7, the video has now taken off and been spread all across the internet getting hundreds of thousands of views.

In the first video included in this release, a health incident that happened just a couple of days over a year ago. After responding to a medical emergency INSIDE of Albertsons Stadium during the Mountain West Conference Championship, Boise Police and Ada County Paramedics were tasked with bringing a man back to life and getting him, on a stretcher, out of the stands and down onto the field in order to be transported to a hospital.

In the second video of the release, a rescue of a man stranded in snow and off the the road entirely, off of Shaw Mountain.

The bodycam footage in its entirety offers an extremely raw look into what the officers here in Boise deal with regularly and it makes you thankful we have them--should we ever be the ones calling 9-1-1 one day, it's assuring to know this is the force that responds.

We appreciate you, Boise Police Department! Check out this video for yourself, below:


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