This is the kind of news that I absolutely hate seeing around the Treasure Valley however--Boise Police are now asking for your help.

In a year where all of us have been going through a whole lot--I don't think that anybody would appreciate a hit-and-run that involves property damage. Then again, it doesn't take a pandemic for any of us to feel that way. We're better than this, Boise!

According to Boise Police, around 4:00 a.m. a driver was sliding around on the snow covered streets and caused some pretty serious property damage. It appears the sliding could have been intentional and the driver took off from the scene leaving thousands in damage for the property owner to cover. According to the shared post by officials:

the driver slid on the snow covered roads and struck two concrete planters at the entrance to a parking lot on the 700 block of W. Diamond St. After hitting both planters, the suspect pulled through the parking lot back out onto the street, got out of their car, looked at the damage to the passenger side, got back in, and drove away. The initial repair estimate is around $2500 for the damaged planters, sprinklers, and curbing.

If you have absolutely any information on this particular case, the Boise Police Department is asking that you contact dispatch at: 208-377-6790 or Crime Stoppers at 208-343-2677.  You can also leave a tip for police officers via the "P3 Tips" app that you can download to your phone. If YOU were the driver, I think it would be admirable of you to turn yourself in.

See the full video released, below:


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