If this past weekend wasn't an indicator of what COULD be to come... I don't know what is. Just driving from my home to office both Saturday and Sunday, I noticed businesses looking a lot more busy than we've been used to seeing. Then again, just the number of cars on the road was noticeably increased.

It's obvious, even though places to gather really don't exist right now, we here in the Treasure Valley are itching to get out and do things again. While being safe, socially, is as important as ever for the health of ourselves and our neighbors-- so too is remembering that safety on the roads is what makes our city great.

Just this week, Boise Police posted to Twitter asking drivers to PLEASE, drive safely. Along with their request: a friendly warning that traffic patrols are being increased. According to the Boise Police Department, for the last month, the department's motorcycle traffic patrol team has been helping the force with ALL calls. Now, they're back to dedicated traffic patrol and if you're speeding, they're looking for you. Noting in their tweet that in one day, they had 16 excessive speeding tickets issued.

Be safe out there, Boise.

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