With this new free service, the post office will send black and white pictures of the mail that's coming to you that day.  It's been tested in big cities, and the expansion includes the Treasure Valley.

The United States Postal Service says you'll get black and white images of your actual letter-sized mail pieces emailed to you each morning. Right now it's just letters, and other larger pieces like catalogs or magazines might come in the future.  The post office will email up to 10 images, and if you have more than 10 pieces of mail you can view those on your USPS.com dashboard, in the same place where you track packages.
Scanning already happens daily as part of the process of delivering our mail, so this extra service is something that is relatively built in to what the post office already does.  We just haven't had the pics in our inboxes before.
To make sure, I typed in the Boise zip code 83701, and USPS.com said service is available, but we have to type in our individual addresses to make sure Informed Delivery is available at our houses.  Same thing with Eagle, Nampa, Meridian, or Caldwell zip codes, or any others you want to try. It doesn't work with P.O. Boxes just yet.
If you get the image of the piece of mail in the morning, and that letter somehow disappears after your roommate gets the mail, at least you'll have proof that it was on the way.  Whaddya think of this idea? Will you use it?

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