Pride Weekend here in Boise is an annual celebration of acceptance.  I've been blown away over the last several years of a couple of things: first, how quickly the attendance continues to grow and second, how much KINDNESS there is in the air.

Boise Pride welcomes EVERYONE-- members of the LGBTQ community and their allies and it annually fills up Cecil D. Andrus Park. It's something that I look forward to each year as an ally. On a serious note, however, this weekend for many is a time, or THE time of the year rather, that they are able to be themselves, most comfortably. It's an important time. Unfortunately, due to the wide sweeping impact of Covid-19, or, Coronavirus, Boise Pride has announced they will be postponing the festival.

With the amount of people that come out to Boise Pride each year, should this virus still be an issue and should 'social-distancing" still be a strongly-encouraged practice, there would be no way for Boise Pride to responsibly move forward with the event.

We appreciate the proactive steps taken by the crew over at Boise Pride and regardless, we look forward to celebrating with the community no matter WHEN the festival is held!

According to the statement released by the committee, the new festival dates are September 11th and 12th.  See their full statement, below:

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