Boise's at the top of another positive anyone even shocked? As a local that has grown up here in the Treasure Valley, it's been pretty crazy watching the city grow and while at it's core, its best qualities have not changed--the secret has definitely gotten out.

Well, WalletHub-- a website frequently diving into statistics and surveys to display the best (and sometimes worst) things about states,cities, and livability numbers has released a list of the BEST state capitals to live in.  Typically, state capitals are the booming economic and cultural scenes...but in some large state's, that isn't the case. Obviously in Idaho, Boise is the largest city and our growth and thriving economy shows--it shows so well, we're ranked among the top.

Topping the list is a city that I love and hope to one day get to live and work in--Austin, Texas.  Austin ranks first among the 'Economic Well Being" column as well. I've always love the city--it's fun, diverse, and the people--from my experience--have always been so kind.

Coming in at number two...second place.. it's Boise! Right behind Austin, Texas.  With Boise ranked among the top 1- in: Economic Well Being, Quality of Education and Health, and Quality of Life, there's certainly plenty to brag about. Another fun fact? Boise ranks THIRD in lowest crime rate--we've got to love our safety, here.

See the full survey and where YOUR favorite state capital ranks, HERE.

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