When I lived in Portland, my car was once broken into twice within two weeks. It's safety concerns including those that motivated my family to move back to Boise.

Boise has long been considered a safe city to live, but have you ever wondered how we rank compared to other areas?

Well, MSN just released findings on the 50 Safest Cities in America, and Boise ranked as the eighth safest city! We ranked higher than beloved cities in Switzerland and Japan and right behind Quebec City, Canada with Boise having a safety index of 82.29.

The top 2017 honor went to Abu Dhabi who boast a safety index of 86.46. It could be because the average resident has a net work of $17 million - which means LOTS of money is invested into their police departments.

Still, it's amazing that Boise ranked the highest of all American cities.

Just to show how safe Boise is, check out the video of of me getting mugged below.

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